Sydel- Application

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Sydel- Application

Post  trickdaddy253 on Tue Jun 10, 2008 12:49 am

i realize you already have 6 lvl 70 hunters in the guild and noone loves them but im decently geared and currently working on a resto shammy as well. ive ran tk some of ssc 2/5 hyjal and of course kara and gruuls and mag. im looking for a friendly guild that is being progressive but not pushing beyond the limits of members and/or their gear. im currious as to what you are currently raiding that is of couse if you want another hunter. my gear is alright but not hyjal quality, i make up for the lack of gear with not being a huntard Razz

plz send me ingame mail because i cant be on much this week on account of finals thx for your time Very Happy (shammys 61 right now named oprahwinfury and i have
+560ish heal ill get to 70 soon)


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